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16-Sep-2017 08:38

It's a sad week for Chuck fans all round because it has just been announced that the legendary daytime TV star Chuck Barris - the man who once claimed to be a CIA assassin and inspired the movie 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind' - is dead at the age of 87.

The Philadelphia-born television presenter died of natural causes at his home yesterday (March 21st 2017) in Palisades, New York and is survived by his wife of seventeen years Mary Rudolph.

He moved to Los Angeles in the early 1960s to be in charge of daytime programming for ABC-TV. 3 on the Billboard pop charts in 1962 for singer Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon. Barris was out of work and had run through his record royalties.

Borrowing money from his family, he formed a production company that introduced a game show in which a young "bachelorette" questioned three young men hidden behind a wall.

”) To answer our own question, there was never anyone ever like Chuck Barris, who died Tuesday at 87, and -- with all due respect -- we’re lucky there wasn’t. In fact, Barris was his own greatest creation, and to read his words and examine his past, he was forced to re-create himself, over and over again.

He got no respect from critics, and (frankly) didn’t deserve much.

(But then aren’t all CIA assassins, self-confessed or otherwise, “clandestine?

Barris hosted the show on NBC and from 1977 to 1980 in syndication.It was considered crass, demeaning and sexually suggestive — which it was, by design. After some responses in the show's early tapings became too explicit to run on the air, Mr.Barris hired a tough-looking actor to stand just offstage.Naturally, there has been a lot of dispute over the claims in the book and just how much of it was true.

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Of course, one has to ask why a former intelligence agent would confess to such activities with the risk of arrest and/or execution if they were true. He writes such good stuff.'His appreciation for the fabricated parts of the story only serves to go against the idea that Chuck really was working for the CIA.It was known for its free-wheeling style, absurdist humor, and the titular gong used by the judges to cut short bad auditions.